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How to Find Missing Numbers in a Series

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If you have a series of numbers, and one of the numbers is missing, how can you find it? There are two ways. You can use the MAX function, which automatically calculates the end number for a series. Alternatively, you can use the difference between two numbers. In this case, cell B1 contains a missing number. Drag the corner of the cell to reveal the missing number. Otherwise, you can use manual methods, which require extensive practice.

A common difference involves adding one of the previous terms to the number that is missing in the series. You can apply this rule to any number in the sequence, as long as it is the next term. However, if you have a missing term in a series, you can use the formula to fill in the missing number. For example, if the missing number is the 7th digit, you can use a common difference to find it.

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An array contains n integers. It can range from 1 to N. One integer is missing. You need to find that integer. Luckily, there is a simple formula for that. First, you need to multiply the array’s length by the sum of the n natural numbers. You can also use the summation formula, which yields the missing number’s value. If the array has a length of n, you can calculate the sum of all n elements using the formula n*(n+1)/2.

A third way to find a missing number in a series is by using a VBA code. A VBA code will use the FIND method, which is a built-in feature of Excel. It prompts you to specify an input range for the missing numbers. Select this range with the mouse, and then select an output range where you want the missing numbers listed. Then, run the VBA code and watch the missing numbers appear.

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