Concentric Bends

Concentric Bends   Concentric Bends Concentric bends are a set of conduit bends that have a common center point, but have different centerline radii. Figure 1 shows three concentric bends produced from 2″ rigid conduit. Conduit 1 has a centerline radius of 20″. Conduit 2 has a centerline radius of 24 3/8″. Conduit 3 has […]

Center Of Bend

Center Of Bend     How To Find Center of Bend Electricians often need to locate the center of a bend that they have made, or the center of a bend that needs to be matched or aligned with a new bend.  A small torpedo level or straight edge is laid along the inside of […]

Offset Bends

Offset Bends   Offsets Offset bends are used to move a run of conduit from one plane to another.  An offset is normally used to bend the conduit around an obstruction, or to relocate the conduit close to a structural member to make it easier to fasten the conduit.  Figure 2 shows an example of […]

Segment Bends

  Sample method to bend 3-1/2″ rigid conduit around a storage tank with a diameter of 160 feet. Segment bending is a method of bending conduit by making several small bends to produce one larger bend.  The method on this page illustrates a technique for bending a 3-1/2″ rigid conduit around a tank with a […]


    Stacked Kicks Sample The drawing below illustrates 4 x 3in. EMT Conduits that are kicked from an overhead pipe rack to drop into an electrical distribution panel.  The outside diameter of the conduits is 3-1/2 inches. The Center to Center distance of the first kick is 30 inches, and each subsequent conduit is […]

Conduit Size

Conduit Size   Conduit Diameter Chart Outside Diameter of Conduit Size EMT IMC Rigid Decimal Fraction Decimal Fraction Decimal Fraction 1/2″ 0.706 11/16 0.815 13/16 0.84 13/16 3/4″ 0.922 15/16 1.029 1 1.05 1-1/16 1″ 1.163 1-3/16 1.29 1-5/16 1.315 1-5/16 1-1/4″ 1.51 1-1/2 1.638 1-5/8 1.66 1-11/16 1-1/2″ 1.74 1-3/4 1.883 1-7/8 1.9 1-7/8 […]

Conduit Bending

conduit bending

Conduit bending is the process of shaping electrical conduit into various forms in order to complete an installation. This can be done by hand, using a variety of hand tools specifically designed for the task, or by machine, using a conduit bender. The electrical trade generally uses rigid conduit, which is available in a variety […]