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How to Tell If a Fraction Has a Repeating Decimal

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If a fraction contains a repeating decimal, you can use the following steps to figure out which fraction is a repeating decimal: First, multiply the number by a power of 10 and look for the ending digit. If the number has two and five factors, the decimal point is placed to the right of the repeating digit. Next, find the fraction’s smaller equivalent and subtract it from the larger fraction.

Likewise, a fraction with a repeating decimal will have multiple remaining digits. These digits will never exceed the number of digits in the denominator. The repeating digits will be referred to as k. As k is equal to d – 1, you can easily find the repeating decimal representation of a fraction by looking at its digits.

Once you know how to recognize a repeating decimal, you can test your conjecture with more examples. For example, Jose wants to give three of his friends 10 chocolate bars. You should see that the decimal expansion repeats when you divide 10 by three. Then, divide the remainder by nine. And so on. You can also identify a repeating decimal by using the technique of dividing a number by 3 and a fraction by eight.

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If you are looking at a number with a repeating decimal, you might be wondering whether it is a repeated one. It is important to note that the same decimal number appears more than once. This is a common mistake that you need to avoid. By knowing the repeating decimal, you will avoid a lot of mistakes in calculations. So, if you are confused, you can practice the problem and solve it with ease.

Another way to find out whether a fraction is a repeated decimal is by checking the length of the repeated decimal. All fractions with coprime to ten always have a repeating decimal. If the repeating decimal is 1/p, then it is a repeated decimal. The repeating decimal 1/p has a length of one order of 10 modulo p, and for a prime r p, it is a factor of p – 1.

Another way to tell if a fraction has a repeated decimal is to consider its representation. In some countries, a repeating decimal is an irrational number, meaning that it is not a ratio of two integers. For example, p is irrational, but it is also a square with length one. It is also called a repeating decimal.

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