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What is 6-32 Hole Size Used For?

What is 6-32 Hole Size Used For?

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What is 6-32 Hole Size Used For? There are a few different things that 6-32 hole size can be used for. One common use is in the creation of tapped holes. This is where you take a drilled hole and cut threads into the sides so that a screw can be inserted. This particular size is also used for machine screws and sheet metal screws in a variety of applications.

Another common use for 6-32 hole size is in electrical connections. This size is often used for contact points and fasteners on circuit boards. It’s also common to see this size used for terminal blocks and other types of electrical connections.

So, as you can see, there are quite a few different things that 6-32 hole size can be used for. Whether you’re creating tapped holes or making electrical connections, this is a versatile size that can be used in a variety of different applications.


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