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What Does the 25 Mean in the 700x25c Bike Tire Size?

What Does the 25 Mean in the 700x25c Bike Tire Size? photo 0

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A bicycle tire size of seven hundred and twenty-five millimeters is called a 700x25c. This measurement is based on the French sizing system. The number “700” indicates the outer diameter of the tire. “25” is the width of the tire, in millimeters. The “c” stands for the width code. It may be an ancient relic from a different time.

The sidewalls of bicycle tires are printed with the size and brand. A tire with a size of 700x25c is typically Continental. A similar size is referred to as a 700x25c tube. The tire is supposed to give you smooth, fast, and puncture-resistant riding. Make sure you have a spare tube, and have two tire levelers.

The inner diameter of a 700x25c tire is equal to the inner diameter of the rim. The inner diameter of a 700x25c tire is six hundred and twenty-two millimeters. It is possible to buy a 700x25c tire on a mountain bike, or even a skinny tired road bike. But what does the 25 mean?

The inner tube is also important. It is important to choose the right inner tube. For example, a 700x25c tire should have a valve stem with the diameter of twenty-five millimeters. A 700x25c tube should also have a matching inner tube. This is crucial, as there are differences between the two. So, you’ll want to make sure you match the inner tube with the correct size rim before you begin riding.


ISO sizing is a more precise and uniform way to measure bicycle tires. ISO sizing is especially helpful if your bike has different rim sizes. Different rim sizes will change the overall diameter of your bike, so knowing the ISO size will give you a better idea of how to size your bike. The size is also important if you have a narrow tire.

Bike tire sizing is confusing. Some bike sizes are listed in inches, while others are in metric measurements. In most cases, the 700x25c is for road bikes. However, if you’re unsure of the metric equivalent of a bike tire, you can find out by reading the sidewall numbers. You can also choose a different size for your mountain bike if you prefer.

The width of a tyre is important when determining how much pressure to use. Tyres with the same width as a twenty-six-inch tire are called “wide” tires. A wide tire, in contrast, will not fit a fender, while a narrower one will be used for mountain bikes. And, of course, a 700x25c tire is much smaller than a twenty-six-inch tire.

When purchasing a new bicycle tire, check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure it fits properly. Many older bikes have trouble fitting with common bicycle tire sizes. While a twenty-six-inch tire is the standard, one may have a different size. For example, a twenty-six-inch tire is too large for a twenty-four-inch bike.

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