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How to Find a Fraction – What is 1/3 of Five?

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What is 1/3 of five? – This question may seem simple, but it’s not. It may sound like a trick question, but it’s a tricky fraction that will confuse even the smartest student. It’s best to use an example and work out the answer before tackling the real thing. The first step in finding a fraction is to know how much the denominator is. One fifth is a fraction that equals twenty percent, so a half-half is a third of the original number.

To simplify the fraction, divide the numerator and denominator by four. This gives you 1/25 in the final answer. Remember that you can only simplify a fraction when the number is less than ten digits. For example, 4% equals four out of every hundred. Therefore, you should divide the denominator by four, leaving you with a fraction of four. In this case, the answer is 1/25 instead of four.

Likewise, you can find one eighth of fourteen by dividing it by seven or eight. You will get 1.775. If you want to find one fifth of seven, you can divide the number by five. You can also find one eighth of a half of twenty-four by dividing forty-five by eight. This is also known as the eighth of an hour. You can also use the same trick to find a quarter of twenty-four.

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