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Can Home Depot/Lowe’s Help Me Cut Wood to My Size?

Can Home Depot/Lowe’s Help Me Cut Wood to My Size? photo 0

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One question you may have is, “Can Home Depot/Lowe’s help make wood to my size?” The answer is yes, if you have the right size wood and the right size saw. Some Home Depot stores can handle larger pieces, while others won’t be able to cut wood to very large sizes. However, you can call ahead and ask if they can do it for you.

Most Lowe’s and Home Depot stores can help you cut wood to size for free, although some pieces of wood may be too big for them. For instance, if you need a 12′ board for a car seat, a Home Depot employee will cut it in half. However, this service is often limited to only two cuts for free, and each additional cut costs 20-30 cents.

Home Depot/Lowe’s can help you cut your own wood to size for free, but make sure to let them know in advance what you need, and how much you’re willing to pay. Home Depot will typically cut up to 12″ for free, but you’ll have to pay for any size cuts beyond that. This service is useful if you have a lot of wood to cut, or you’re looking for an exact fit for a certain project.

Can Home Depot/Lowe’s cut wood to a desired size? Without a measuring tape, this service will not work for you. You must have exact measurements to get a good result. While Home Depot offers free woodcuts, the prices for additional cuts may be higher. Moreover, these stores can charge you extra fees if you buy wood from elsewhere.

When buying wood at a lumberyard, it’s best to know what your project requires. In DIY projects, nominal sizes are quoted, not the actual size of the wood. As such, you may need to take the length into account before purchasing it. The wood is probably green, so you may not have accurate measurements. A board that’s listed as 1’x4’x8′ is actually 0.75’x3.5’x8′.

However, be aware that Lowe’s and Home Depot’s saws are not made for fine woodworking. Because of this, they can’t make a very wide or thick cut, and the blades are likely to be dull. Lowe’s lumbar department saws also tend to make rougher cuts, which means you should consider using a miter saw instead.

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