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IBEW Local 150 Job Calls

  Friday, September 7, 2001
58 on JW Book 1
151 on JW Book 2
1 on RW Book
4 on CT Book
Contractor # Class. Call Job Description Location
CA Riley 1 JW Short Brown Paper Amhurst - Waukegan
  Thursday, September 6, 2001
56 on JW Book 1
150+ on JW Book 2
2 on RW Book
4 on CT Book
Contractor # Class. Call Job Description Location
Nuline 1 RW Long Valley Lakes Round Lake
Becker 1 JW Short Deerfield High School Deerfield
  Wednesday, September 5, 2001
57 on JW Book 1
130 on JW Book 2
Contractor # Class. Call Job Description Location
Mascal 1 JW Long Lake Zurich Police Station Lake Zurich
TEC 3 JW Long Grove Cultural Center Lake Forest
CA Riley 1 JW Long Brown Paper Amhurst - Waukegan
Maron 4 JW Short Mercer Corporation Deerfield
Boyd 1 JW Short Lake Forest High School Lake Forest
Meade 1 JW Long Motorola Deer Park
Meade 2 JW Short Appleby's Zion
Pinnacle 4 JW Short 340 Milwaukee Vernon Hills
Dillon 2 JW Long (not listed) Great Lakes Naval Training Center
  Tuesday, September 4, 2001
61 on JW Book 1
148 on JW Book 2
1 or RW Book
1 on CT Book
Contractor # Class. Call Job Description Location
Benson 1 JW Short (not listed) Grayslake
Becker 2 JW Long Irwin Outfitters (not listed)
Meade 1 JW Long Temperature Control Miscellaneous Locations in and out of County
Gannon Williams 4 JW Long Circuit City Shops of Kildeer
Meade 1 JW Short Horizon Storage (not listed)
JW = Journeyman Wireman  RW = Residential Wireman  CT = Communication Technician
The Local 150 job call phone number is 847-680-1504 x3
Job Calls From Previous Weeks
Local 150 Contract Information
Book II Referral Procedures and Resign Hours
Online Tramp Guide from IBEW-Wisconsin
Other IBEW Job Call Websites:
Local 11, Los Angeles, California
Local 34, Peoria, Illinois
Local 48, Portland, Oregon

Local 68, Denver, Colorado
Local 113, Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Local 134, Chicago, Illinois
Local 474, Memphis Tennessee
Local 602 ,Amarillo, Texas
Local 613, Atlanta, Georgia
Local 969, Grand Junction Colorado

Local 1426, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Other IBEW Job Call Hotlines or Information
Gene's Web Page
IBEW Traveler's Net
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North Chicago
Vernon Hills
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